Food and Technology


  • We analyze the industry, the competitive framework, the evolutionary dynamic in place, the potential for development.
  • We analyze the markets and channels, we seek exists in Italy and abroad and we do benchmark (compare companies and products).
  • We analyze the current situation of the client, his strengths, weaknesses, his opportunities, his state of health in the market (not the financial one, for that we are the auditors and accountants).



  • We try to understand what the customer can do to grow, or to innovate in the process, products, technology and market approach.
  • We offer innovative products and services, in line with your style..
  • With custom designs training marketing, we help you grow your internal resources in line with the new objectives.



  • We would like to try the ideas, we realize samples of new products in order to test them and see if the consumer can enjoy there.
  • We choose the best technology for that product or help you to better use what you already have.
  • We assist in pilot production.
  • We help you to find suppliers for raw materials.
  • We help you make the profit or loss of product to decide the selling price in advance and understand your product margins.
  • We help you choose the most appropriate sales channels.