Our Services

  •  From Ideas To Recipes
    We identify with our customers market needs of consumers and translate the idea of a new product, an innovative product. We design new recipes because they suit the characteristics that the preliminary work has identified as winners by associating a feasibility analysis of the first statement of the product.
  • Taste The Ideas
    Between science and haute cuisine transform simple ideas into something concrete to look at and enjoy. A specialized department with pilot plants and produces highly qualified technical standards that closely mimic the processes of our individual clients.
    Samples we taste with our customers and refine the recipes until you get the best results.
  • Make Ideas
    We check in an accelerated and traditional shelf life of products through analysis and stress testing. We work on the balance of the product formula to ensure a greater retention period and reduce the organoleptic and microbiological decay.
  • Evidence of pasteurization and sterilizationBy definition, a storable food must be free of harmful microorganisms to the health of consumers and should not contain harmful or toxic substances in concentrations exceeding those that can be considered normal for fresh product from which they derive.
    The pasteurization of a food product designed to destroy the vegetative forms of microorganisms, especially pathogenic microorganisms, and to inactivate the enzymes more thermolabile that can alter food.
    Sterilization is intended to destroy all microorganisms, including spores, and inactivation of enzymes capable of altering the food.
    The distinction of treatment solely on the basis of the temperatures used is incorrect, it is more accurate to define the treatment based on the food and the effect it has on its shelf, even in relation to pH and aw.
    Our laboratory is equipped with two sets, with a smaller observatory for the observation of the product allows us to develop cycle time / temperature / pressure on time for any type of product and packaging.
    The second autoclave allows us to repeat the tests in order to guarantee the thermal cycle numbers of larger pieces.
    Through the use of the probes and the data-logger, we are able to construct the graph of the heat treatment, full curve of pressure and of the values of F0.
  • Assistance to start up production
    Once you create the product, we assist the client on the production line to manage the start up of production, even taking care of training of personnel and production line.
  • Optimization of Production Processes
    We work for the engineering study and manufacture complete systems tailored to the product.

    We have a section of engineering can design and build complete systems and secured the assistance of engineers and food technologists, for the optimization and rationalization of production processes. The plants, in fact, are tailored to the product, which remains the primary focus of our advice.

  • Feels Organoleptic Quality Control
    In our well equipped laboratories offer:
    1 – The annual monitoring program of the perceived quality

    A panel of expert tasters that:

    • judge with impartiality;
    • identify areas for improvement;
    • propose new ideas.

  2 – The level of concurrency control

    • Blind test in comparison with competitors;
    • Strengths to enhance;
    • Weaknesses to improve.