GB STUDIO carries on the Research and Development function externally, yet in perfect coordination with the characteristics, the personality and the goals of the client company. In-depth preliminary research and an accurate work on the prototypes (together with nutritional and organoleptic assessments), allow us to select the projects and to put in action only those presenting real feasibility elements, from the technological and economic as well as from te marketing point of view.

  • Small and medium companies

Who produce wide consumption and semifinished foodstuffs, who are oriented towards product and process innovation and want to ground their research strategies on a solid methodological and scientific base, but do not have an area devoted to this function.

  • Medium and large companies

Who produce wide consumption and semifinished foodstuffs and want to improve their products and/or increase the degree of diversification of their product range, by carrying out a feasibility study that does not divert their internal resources.

  • Catering companies

Who wish to supply their clients with menus that have new and imaginative proposals, at a low price and in the utmost observance of safety.

  • Distribution companies

Wishing to introduce innovative diversification concepts and policies in their brand products, without getting directly involved in the complexity of the production phase.

  • All the companies

Wishing to accept the big challenges of nowadays markets:

  • Give the consumers, who are more and more interested in typicalness, the great Italian gastronomic tradition, by bringing into indusrialized processes the typical artisan preparation methods, preserving the taste, genuinness and simplicity that have always distinguished traditional food.;
  • Supply the consumer with products made on a large scale, and yet able to satisfy specific needs (concerning diet, coordination, psychology, society, etc…).