The company

GB STUDIO is a company with over 30 years of experience in the development of new food products. Through the contribution of different professionals, from chefs to food technologist, up to the experts of plant engineering and quality management, GB Studio is able to:

  • Translate new ideas into recipes “targeted” and perfectly balanced in terms of organoleptic, nutritional and sensorial;
  • Translate the recipes calibrated in production processes, from raw material to packaged product;
  • Realize a prototype of the production plant, and verifying the income of the product;
  • Help the client to move from prototype to production line itself, assisting and training the staff.

The team

The strength of GB STUDIO is perfectly coordinated teamwork of technologists specialized formulators, auditors, experts in quality assurance, production, hygiene, labeling, at which combine the skills of a professional chef.


  • a lab tech multi-functional with experimental cuisine;
  • a database with more than 4,000 formulas of food;
  • Keep up the raw materials and additives from all over the world.

Research and Technology to support innovation

GB STUDIO combines the simplicity and rationality of thought with the complexity and sophistication of their methods:
Our method consists of:

  • in coming to know the customer in depth, to empathize with his work team, its needs and its vision of things;
  • in the accuracy of feasibility studies, including those based on knowledge of markets and strategies of the operators, often involving successive refinements of the initial ideas;
  • in the structuring of procedures, both meticulous and flexible;
  • in the use of equipment and advanced skills, thanks to a unique laboratory of its kind in Italy;
  • in absolute professionalism in terms of secrecy and protection of customer privacy.